Compassion International

Compassion Bishop Executive Services Compassion International exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled adults. 

Compassion International is a Christian based organization that pairs a child from an impoverished area in the world who is at risk of falling through the cracks with a loving, supportive adult or family. For a small fee each month, Compassion International will provide care in the way of food, clothing, and education.

Bishop Executive Services currently supports 6 children.

Yumery Lisseth Toala Perez Bishop Executive Services Yumery Lisseth Toala Perez - Born January 8, 1999. She lives in Ecuador with her father and mother who are both laborers and three siblings.  She loves art, playing with dolls and jumping rope.


Prince Owusu Bishop Executive Services Prince Owusu - Born July 26, 1999. Prince lives with his mother and two siblings in Ghana. He loves soccer.


Isa Muwonge Bishop Executive Services Isa Muwonge - Born May 7, 2002. Isa lives with his father, mother and eight siblings in Uganda. He enjoys soccer, playing with cars and singing.


Melissa Soto Bishop Executive Services
Melissa Soto - Born June 21, 2002. Melissa lives with her mother and one sibling in the Urban High Plateau of Bolivia. She enjoys singing, playing house and playing with dolls.


Mberabeza Bishop Executive Services
Mberabeza Bernard was born on 10-5-2008. He lives in Rwanda Central / East Afica with his 3 siblings and parents.


Alan Bishop Executive Services
Alan Jose Rodriguez Gonzabay was born on 3-14-2008. He lives in Ecuador South America with his 2 siblings and parents.

All of these children live in areas where some houses have dirt floors and some have cement, with four walls and tin roofs. The living conditions are minimal and often time’s sanitation and safe drinking water are in dangerous supply. Our support allows these children to receive biblical studies, health and medical services as well as, sports, nutrition, education and income-generating activities for the parents.

Compassion has a tremendous success rate at which these children grow up to become educated adults that then go back to their city to work and educate, having the ability to facilitate change in their region.

If you would like more information on Compassion International, you can contact them at 800-336-7676 or visit their website.